Pre Wedding Shoot & Engagement Photography

Pre wedding shoot & engagement photography why ? Well at Jems Photography we have found over the years most couples do not like having their pictures taken. In the modern world where most photographs are taken on a phone, this is causing an issue. No one is use to seeing themselves in a true light and professionally photographed way. This is resulting in people saying ‘I don’t like having my picture taken’. Simply because the end result is not flattering and not the true beautiful you.

Most wedding venues will allow Jems Photography to shoot your pre wedding shoot at the venue you are to be married at. This is an ideal chance for Jems Photography to see a new venue that Jems Photography may of not been to before. More importantly though it gives the happy couple chance to see how Jems Photography can create your amazing wedding photographs. However you can select your venue for the pre wedding shoot. Jems Photography can build this into something very special and have been as far as Venice to shoot. Contact us now with your destination shoot ideas.

Another thing that Jems Photography are hearing more and more is that couples rarely have an pictures of the two of them up at home. Very often one of the images is selected to be framed or created into a canvas print to hang in pride of place in the home. One more product that is fast becoming popular is a guest book. Jems Photography offer a range of guest books starting from £225. The books are all made by the world leading wedding album manufacturer Graphistudio. The book is then produced holding the photographs from the pre wedding shoot in time for the wedding day.

Jems Photography think it’s important that couples have the chance to work with a professional photographer before their wedding day.  This gives us the chance to find out what style works best for you. Often the best advice is simply ignore me and let the camera capture the love between you.  It’s also a perfect opportunity to build on the all-important rapport between you and the photographer.  Most importantly of all, by having a ‘dry run’ it gives me the chance to create the images that will make you go ‘wow’ on your big day without worrying about which way to look or what you should be doing. That’s why at Jems Photography we include a pre wedding shoot as standard in all our packages.