Wedding Albums

The Wedding Album

Wedding Albums have been a round for many years and recently a sad trend for clients to ask for a USB took over. Well this is now passing as a small USB is easily lost and not seen as a professional product. The wedding album is here to say and there is nothing better than this slight tongue in cheek advert from Ikea regarding books. Click here

This simple diagram also makes you think where are those USB’s going to fit in years to come, that is if you don’t lose them in the mean time.

Wedding Albums

Power of the printed image

Jems Photography Wedding Albums

Jems Photography’s wedding albums are all made by world leading wedding album manufacturer Graphistudio. Graphistudio are based in Italy and this means your wedding album has that known quality mark of ‘Made in Italy’. Jems Photography had their first wedding album made in 2003 by this Italian company and have grown a very successful working relationship with the company. Some of the wedding albums and wedding album designs are exclusive to Jems Photography giving you the client something very special for your wedding photography memories.

What Graphistudio Wedding Albums gives you

Well this might blow your mind but here goes. Wedding albums come in many different shapes sizes and Graphistudio currently offer 21 different sized books plus parents smaller copies. 7 different book styles and then Jems Photography has 2 exclusive styles. Each book can have any number of pages, some up to 100 pages. 20 different paper types and testing new ones all the time. I am not going to attempt to count the different material and colour options that Graphistudio offer as there are simply too many but you can even have your wedding album covered with material you supply. I simply cannot tell you how great this company is and will always go the extra mile to help me supply you an amazing wedding album..


Please take a look over this gallery which has some of the albums I offer you. Don’t forget to check your wedding date with me asap as dates do get booked up to two years in advance and sometimes more than that. Click here to enquire about your wedding.