Wedding Photography at Ansty Hall Warwickshire

Wedding Photographer Ansty Hall Warwickshire just off the M6 between Coventry and Rugby. Part of the MacDonalds Hotel Group Ansty Hall in Ansty Warwickshire is a lovely wedding venue to hold your wedding at and for Jems Photography to create wedding images from your wedding day. Being a wedding photographer based in Warwickshire means that the MacDonalds Ansty Hall Hotel is on the door step and easily got to. Ansty Hall in Ansty Warwickshire is set in eight acres of lovely gardens and provides opportunities all round the venue to create your wedding photography. From dafodils in March, bluebells in May and throught the year the gardens provide a great backdrop for your wedding photographs. As well as outside Ansty Hall in Ansty Warwickshire also has a lovely staircase and beautiful big windows to create wedding photographs inside as well as outside. Very popular is also from the staircase window is asked for a group photograph with all the wedding guests in the garden which is photographed from above your wedding guests. The venue comes under the Warwickshire Registration Service or with the St James Church Ansty Warwickshire next door and literally through the garden gate of Ansty Hall it really has everything you need for your wedding day in one place. With access into the fields behind the hotel you can get some amazing views and a great spot for capturing beautiful sunset wedding photograph for the bride and groom.  Ansty Hall Hotel in Warwickshire has been a place where Jems Photography has many years of experience being a wedding photographer and has good experience of photographing weddings at Ansty Hall. The hotel has recommended Jems Photography for many years and Jems Photography has a great working relationship with the hotel Jems Photography have been the wedding photographer at many weddings at Ansty Hall. Find out if Jems Photography can be your wedding photographer Ansty Hall click here to find out if I am available.