Wedding Photographer Warwick House Southam Warwickshire

Wedding Photographer Warwick House Southam Warwickshire

Wedding Photographer Warwick House Southam Warwickshire by Warwickshire based Jems Photography. Jems Photography from Warwickshire first photographed a wedding here in 2011. This wedding was the first outdoor  ceremony at Warwick House in Southam Warwickshire. Rugby based wedding photographer John was delighted to photograph this wedding for the bride and groom. The bride is currently the managing director of Rugby FM Radio and still in touch today with Jems Photography.

Wedding Photographer Warwick House Southam Warwickshire gives the wedding photographer many creative locations both inside and out of Warwick House. The garden has a beautiful Gazebo for outdoor wedding ceremonies. The ceremonies are conducted by the Warwickshire Registration Service. You can of course arrive at Warwick House Southam Warwickshire from a Church ceremony as the Gallery shows. The Church shown is St Faith’s Church, Kilsby just outside Rugby Warwickshire.

Warwick House in Southam Warwickshire is a venue that Jems Photography has photographed multiple times before. As your wedding photographer Jems Photography from Warwickshire tries to use all the venues grounds to create your wedding photographs. The white building of Warwick House in Southam Warwickshire bounces the light making a perfect reflector for your wedding photographs. The steps in the garden is just one area where the family groups can be created. On a colder or wet day the lounge area with its stunning arch windows makes for a great setting using one of the sofas to put the family on.

One of the rooms that Jems Photography get asked to photograph in is the honeymoon suite. The arch window and fireplace in the room make for stunning wedding images regardless of the weather outside. Its the perfect setting for the bride to show off the wedding dress too.

When it come to the wedding speeches the restaurant with its large windows is a lovely well lit room. With the light that comes into this room the pictures have a lovely natural feel to them. Jems Photography loves to capture the wedding speeches of any wedding.

If you would like your Wedding Photographer Warwick House Southam Warwickshire to be Jems Photography why not click here to see if Jems can be your wedding photographer.


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