Wedding Photography at Chelsea Registry Office London

Wedding Photography Chelsea Registry Office by Jems Photography. Weddings in London have their own air of excitement, buzz and emotion and I love being the wedding photographer for them. The Chelsea Register Office in Chelsea Old Town Hall London has been the setting for many famous people who’ve tied the knot here such as Patsy Kensit and Jim Kerr in 1992 and Judy Garland and Micky Deans back in 1969. Being a wedding photographer in London gives you the busy city as a setting and this can be used for some creative wedding photography. Wedding Photography Chelsea Registry Office London creates a great setting for the arrival of the groom and bestman or the wedding guests. The steps on the front of the Registry office in Chelsea London are very iconic and create a great back drop for your wedding photography. They also allow a great area to photography your wedding guests. The architecture of the building is stunning and reflects the light to allow great wedding photographs to be taken. The iconic steps are perfect for confetti shots too and I love the vibrancy of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London allowing me to photograph the wedding day as it unfolds before me, wedding image by image, moment by moment. My style of wedding photography tunes in to that of the couples I am working with and this can be seen in my images and the faces of those who are with me. In the gallery you will also see some images taken just over the river in Battasea Park London where Jems Photography used the amazing water fountains to create more wonderful wedding photography. Wedding Photography Chelsea Registry Office London and Jems Photography work well together and go to create great wedding photography so to see if Jems Photography can be the wedding photographer for you click here to check your date is available.