Wedding Photography at Coombe Abbey Coventry Warwickshire

Wedding Photography Coombe Abbey – Jems Photography has been photographing weddings at the histotic Coombe Abbey Coventry Warwickshire for many years. It is hard to think how many weddings have been covered by Jems Photography at Coombe Abbey Coventry Warwickshire in all the different rooms the venue has to offer. Coombe Abbey is in Warwickshire just between Rugby and Coventry and comes under the Warwckshire Registrations Service should you wish to hold a civil wedding at the Coombe Abbey Coventry Warwickshire. Jems Photography based in Rugby Warwickshire and being a wedding photographer here means Coombe Abbey Coventry Warwickshire is fortunately on the doorstep and visited many times. Jems Photography has very good experience at Coombe Abbey Coventry Warwickshire and know the venue and Coombe Park very well and can create amazing wedding photographs of your wedding day at Coombe Abbey. Wedding Photography Coombe Abbey Coventry Warwickshire means many wonderful wedding photographic opportunities all a round the hotel. The bridge on the entrance and court yard front to the gardens and lake at the back. It really is as a wedding photographer a dream place to photograph any wedding. Inside Coombe Abbey Coventry Warwickshire is also magical and while it can be dark to the inexperienced wedding photographer the experienced wedding photographer can get very creative. Dark areas with a strong light source can create amazing dramatic wedding photographs. Take a look at the gallery to see exactly what wedding photographs can be created at the amazing Coombe Abbey Coventry Warwickshire. It truly is a fairytale place and every time I visit, I find new angles to capture the very best in wedding photography. I love making the most of this hotel and use every opportunity to capture your day as it happens. To see if Jems Photography is available to create your wedding photography and be your wedding photographer please click here and send your details and wedding date so the wedding diary can be checked.