Wedding Photography Dodmoor House Weedon Northamptonshire

Wedding Photography Dodmoor House – Jems Photography. Jems Photography have photographed many weddings in Northamptonshire and Dodmoor House in Weedon Northamptonshire is definitely one of the most romantic converted barn venues in Northamptonshire. Dodmoor House in Weedon Northamptonshire has a great room for the bride to  get ready as a photographer Jems Photography like to start to story line for the day with the bridal preparations and deetail shots of the dress, shoes, flowers etc. Dodmoor House in Weedon Northamptonshire has a lovely courtyard where your wedding guests can congratulate you after your wedding ceremony which if you get married at Dodmoor House will be conducted by the Northamptonshire Registration Service. I have worked with the registrars from the Northampton Registration services many times before and they are great and allow me to capture your wedding ceremony. The farmhouse feel is continued in the garden and this is a lovely area for the family groups. The garden is next to the Grand Union Canal and the bridge over the canal makes for stunning views over Northamptonshire. The country lane and bridge over the Grand Union Canal are a great spot for the wedding photographer to get stunning wedding photographs of the bride and groom. The gravel driveway looking down to Dodmoor House in Weedon Northamptonshire farm house is another favourite spot for your wedding photographs and Jems Photography like to photograph you in this area both day and night. Jems Photography are known for their night shots and Dodmoor House Weedon Northamptonshire is a great place to create some night images. Wedding photography Dodmoor House really feels like you are miles away from anywhere but you are so close to Weedon, Rugby, Daventry and Northampton all places covered by Jems Photography. If you are needing a Wedding Photographer Dodmoor House in Weedon Northamptonshire then please contact Jems Photography to see if they are available to be your wedding photographer at Dodmoor House by clicking here.